RWS Inc. Importing and Back-Office Service Package are specially tailored for alcoholic beverage brands produced outside of the U.S.: Wine, Champagne, Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Scotch, Whiskey, Brandy, Cognac, Liqueur, Cordials and Beer.

The company provides a cost-effective, turn-key solution to manage the thousands of complex details required to import, transport, insure, warehouse, sell, and receive payment for alcoholic beverage products in the U.S. — all while maintaining compliance with federal and state alcoholic beverage control laws and tax requirements. The three core benefits to RWS Inc. foreign and domestic clients are: achieving cost-effectiveness, enhancing operational performance, and focusing client resources on sales, marketing, and brand enhancement among consumers. With precision and transparency, RWS Inc. manages the logistics, compliance, order fulfillment, and accounting from the point the product is picked up at the producer until it is delivered to the customer and the customer invoice is paid.

Logistics Planning and Management

* Domestic and international ground freight
* Domestic and international expedited air freight
* Bonded and climate controlled warehousing in strategic locations (NY, NJ, FL, CA, NV, IL)
* Insurance
* Supply-chain optimization
* Product consolidation
* Supplier coordination

Order Fulfillment and Customer Service

* Sales to distributors/control boards in all 50 states, Canada, Europe and Caribbean
* Sales to retailers in key strategic markets (NY, NJ, FL, CA, NV, IL)
* Sales to retailers in key strategic markets (NY, NJ, FL, CA, NV, IL)Purchase order processing
* Sales to retailers in key strategic markets (NY, NJ, FL, CA, NV, IL)Order fulfillment
* Sales to retailers in key strategic markets (NY, NJ, FL, CA, NV, IL)Pick-up and delivery coordination (open and control states)
* Sales to retailers in key strategic markets (NY, NJ, FL, CA, NV, IL)Inventory and warehouse control
* Sales broker management
* Sample management
* Control state inventory tracking
* Customer service and relationship managemen
* Supplier coordination

Financial Accounting and Reporting

* Distributor and retailer invoicing
* Accounts receivable management
* Accounts payable management
* Dedicated bank account
* 24/7 real time online reporting platform to track sales, receivables, cash receipts, inventory, expenses, cash account balance, and more
* Distributor chargeback/billback management system
* Overdraft protection
* Customized reporting
* Federal Excise Tax optimization
* Federal and state tax payments
* Month end closing statements

Regulatory Compilance

*Federal import permitting
* State import licensing
* State brand registrations
* Price postings and filling
* Food and Drug Administration (FDA) filings and inspections
* TTB formula approvals
* State bonding
* Monthly state compliance reporting
* Research and special projects

Advanced Analytical Services

* Customized data capture and analysis
* Depletion reporting
* Trend analysis
* Pricing analysis
* Price calculations by market
* Sensitivity analysis
* Sourcing review
* Unit economics
* Competitor review
* Market and category data
* Dashboard production and maintenance
* Research and special projects

Value Added Services and Tools

* Park Street Interactive Pricing Tool
* Park Street University
* Park Street Industry Connect
* Test Market Facilitation and Guidance
* Strategy advice and problem solving
* Negotiation support
* Introductions to sales teams, brokers, and marketing professionals
* Industry data and research
* Market insights and trends
* Trade show programs and support
* Tasting competition programs and support
* Charity event support